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Ack, dessa hemska dagars svåra våndor.

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8/18/06 05:19 pm - ALSO: Colour of the Future

So the evil spirit of other worlds has now been making a very high-tech comic on the WEB called Numb Sheep, which I've also CONTRIBUTED TO WITH THE AWESOME WORK OF PAINT. For windows 98. Check it out.

8/17/06 02:57 pm - OH YEAH

The funny thing about this blög is that nobody ever reads it. That, however, does NOT stop me from writing in it, does it?
Anyway, since I can add any crap I want to without anyone ever giving a raped bat's ass (the bat also has herpes) I decided to put up my old crappy Cactus Beak EP "Pox Deux." Mostly because I want to make new music, but can't. Putting up old crap is some sort of substitute, I suppose.


Or, well, here is the alternative cover for snobs:


Oh, and here is where you download TEH MUSIC:

00 Nightmare
01 Itchy Thorny Plumage
02 Manic Scripture
03 The Aristocrats
04 (1) A short nap beofre
04 (2) The birth of God

7/30/06 05:45 pm - The Adventures of TENTACLEMAN #1

So I created this horribly badly drawn comic in MS Paint, please enjoy it (at least try):


After I published this comic, I've recieved numerous complaints from fans. I can't show all of them, but here is a representative one:

Dear Sir,

I have been enjoying the intelligent and quirky writings of your blog (or "blög", as you choose to call it, haha!)
for some time now, and whilst I usually find its contents intellectually stimulating, the entry of today made my
brain cringe with contempt. There are numerous factual errors in your comedic strip, and I have taken it upon
myself to list them for you, here:

1. The "tentacles" portrayed in frames two to three are in fact OCTOPUS ARMS, not to be confused with tentacles! Indeed, had the "tentacled" person been someone ordinary, him calling his appendages as such might seem logical - but in this case, he is supposed to be a scientist! A man of science would do no such thing, and I demand a change.
2. It is spelled "cephalopod", not "cephealopod."
3. The word is not beyong, but booyong.

Prof. Chadwick Merryweather,
University of Cambridge

Thank you for your letter, Professor Merryweather, I will be more careful with my posts in the future knowing who's watching them! Though your criticism is mostly valid, I'd like to point out that "beyong" wasn't meant to be booyong (a large tree of Australasia), but BEYOND (On the far side of; past: Just beyond the fence, Later than; after: beyond midnight, To a degree that is past the understanding, reach, or scope of: an evil beyond remedy, To a degree or amount greater than: rich beyond his wildest dreams, In addition to: asked for nothing beyond peace and quiet).

Best Regards,
Mikael Hermansson

7/30/06 04:19 pm - Goodbye, Jon

SO, a while back, rumors started spread at the Comatorium, the biggest Mars Volta fan community forum, that Jon Theodore - their should-be legendary drummer had QUIT the BAND. Most people disregarded this as bullshit, as the only cited source was some unreliable music site (the name of it escapes me). '

THEN, The Mars Volta's publisher Nasty Little Man had THIS written on their TMV bio:

"The Mars Volta cast that performed Amputechture will be modified for live dates that begin imminently, with drummer Jon Theodore replaced by Blake Fleming, formerly of Laddio Bolocko and Dazzling Killmen and actually the drummer who played on the very first Mars Volta demos. Pablo Hinojos-Gonzalez will expand his role, contributing both guitar and sound manipulation skills. Finally, while not a member of the touring Mars Volta band per se, Amputechture contributor John Frusciante, on the other hand, will be in close proximity, as his Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Mars Volta are scheduled to tour together through November 2006."

Now the community seems to be in somewhat of an uproar, since Jon probably was the third most popular TMV member, next to Cedric and Omar. Anyway, WHY he left is uncertain, a supposed friend of his posted on the forum and claimed that he was actually fired from the band (which seems very odd, since he was a core part of TMV and the best drummer in that age category around). Other people talked of it just being a temporary leave due to a back injury, but this seems to be a groundless rumor, as the mars volta web guy "Theory" stated it was permanent later on.

ANYWAY, goodbye Jon, and good luck in the future. I'm very glad I got to see you play live at least once.

Also, good luck to Blake Fleming, he's going to need it.

Other things on my mind LIKE RIGHT NOW:

Shit, the Perry Bible Fellowship is awesome. It's almost on the level of A Lesson is Learned when it comes to the artwork. OFFICIAL LIST OF WEBCOMICS THAT ARE COMPLETELY OKAY (of the internet):

White Ninja Comics
Order of the Stick
A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible
The Perry Bible Fellowship
How to make a webcomic in 8 Easy Bits
Daily Dinosaur Comics


7/29/06 03:49 pm - The ANTICHRIST is COMING

but not yet, since it needs a new computer, and earning enough money to buy one will take a while.

The antichrist is, for you information, a bird-like thing that also resembles a thorny plant. When it arrives, be careful, okay?

7/12/06 02:01 pm - Sorry

This blog will get interesting as soon as the monstrous cactus creature will awake, though that'll take some time. And money. Damn.

I also made this fantastical picture using the high-tech computer program "MS Paint"(you probably don't know of it)



7/11/06 06:07 pm - Syd Barrett = Dead

 I was just writing a boring update about correct grammar, when a guy named Stellan contacted me on msn messenger:

Doc Grogg säger:
Rädisa säger:
JAG HAR en tråkig uppdatering och håller på med en nyu, ska läsa där sen. Dödsrunor, eller vad det heter?
Doc Grogg säger:
Doc Grogg säger:
Jag har ingen aning.
Rädisa säger:
Doc Grogg säger:
Men Syd Barrett är död tydligen.
Rädisa säger:
"Bosse dog igår, han var snäll, vi minns dig"
Rädisa säger:

SYD BARRETT is dead. At least presumably, these type of hoaxes occur, but shit.
Syd Barrett, who created the Pink Floyd, is dead. This feels very strange, I remember
listening to his solo songs and Piper and humming along, and now he's dead.
Well, at least he died happily. Rest in peace, Roger. On a far distant shore, or something.

At least he seems to have died in peace.

7/11/06 03:53 pm - Black Fungus


I just ate som food, and found these really odd dried mushrooms in my kitchen (the text on the packaging was all in chinese, so I couldn't make it out), the only english on the whole bag said "BLACK FUNGUS." That almost makes you expect it'll end with "FROM YUGGOTH." Anyway, I put them in some water with olive oil and a lot of ground nutmeg to soak them up (as they were dried), and then I fried them and served for myself with some really broad tagliatelle. That was the interesting news on the food front today, other news are that I've been playing a lot of Silent Hill 4 lately.


I recently bought the whole Silent Hill box for PS2 (which oddly enough does not contain the first installment), even though I already have SH2 it's still cheaper than buying Silent Hill 3 & 4 separately. So yeah. Silent Hill 4: The Room is quite different from the previous three games, as it features another (and better) system of fighting, which still is similar, and an easier inventory system. The graphics are also better, and animations, but the voice actor portraying the protagonist kind of sucks. It also feels a lot more like a typical video game than the previous three games, as it involves traveling between "themed" worlds such as the Subway World and the Forest World and the Bloated and Fleshy Apartmenty world. And ghosts will hunt you. I give this game three Valtiels out of four due to various factors not included in the review.

Here is a silent hill themed comic:

7/7/06 11:24 am - Mögelbosse

Oh, another pointless pile of crap? How precious.

This particular one will feature my delusional thoughts on the subject of WARMTH,
even though they're not actually delusional, nor intelligent (or intelligible) enough to
be called  thoughts and still be worthy of the name.

So yeah, it's hot outside right now, and I'm wondering what the hell is going on. Yes,
the temperatures usually reach quite high up on the good ol' celsius thermometer during
the summers, even in sweden, but now it has come to a point where the record (thus
far) was 38 point something degrees somewhere in Skåne. I couldn't live through such
heat, even though I prefer summer to winter (albeit my favourite seasons are spring
and autumn, both transitional and blah blah. I suppose winter and summer could be
transitional seasons to spring and autumn as well, but whatever. I love the breezes and
summer evening-type warmth during daytime, anyway.).


So yeah, this makes me think about SPLIT-BRAIN and ALIEN HAND SYNDROME, for
some reason. I am also wondering when the Cactus Beak-creature will ressurect, but
that's a later (and much more frightening) issue. I wonder if the corpus callosum melts
with the heat, resulting in an alien hand invasion. Probably not, but it would make a good
lousy movie script.

This post features a picture of a badger:
this generic photo of a badger is COPYRIGHTED and belongs to www.biofoto.com, don't put it in your blog or anything.

7/6/06 10:06 pm - Also:

7/6/06 08:53 pm - An update?

An update? Is it TRUE?

Yes, it IS true. How crazy is that? I recently woke up, due to the horrible substance alcohol's effect on sleep (and my ability to get home early, which in this case means early in the morning). I don't really have anything interesting to write about, though, so I'll just post a very interesting and loveable comic strip about people and LIFE:


I'm thinking about taking up comic making again, only I'd then draw it with ink, and simply color it using photoshop.

7/4/06 11:52 pm - INTRODUCTION

a collection of useless ramblings worthy of the INTER-NET itself.

This blog is a blög, which means that it's slightly better than the average
dot-less blog. It will feature many interesting articles on the subject of
interbreeding between slugs and human people, how to eat using a rad-
ula, and the occasional photography of a hippopotamus.

Speaking of the occasional photography of a hippopotamus, today was
the worst day of my ENTIRE LIFE. First, I got ten 1-kronor coins as change
instead of a single 10-kronor coin, and when I got home the milk had passed
its expiration date. Fucking world, nobody can possibly be worse off than I
am right now. THE ENTIRE COSMOS seems to be directing negative energy
of malice towards me. I think I probably must kill myself.

Anyway, here is a modest picture of what I look like:


My name is Mikael, and you might know me from films such as the Don Claude "Stellan är Dum" music video, in the chorus of which I also contributed with shouting. That is only part of my talent, however, as I am also an obvious photoshop prodigy.

BYE, for now.

(To see the full version of this piece of art, it is reachable at http://img132.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wookopiera2se.jpg. I suggest you print it out and attach it to your bedroom wall.)
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